character sketch of the grandmother from the chapter the portrait of a lady

The following lines would give you an idea on how to write a bio-sketch of the grandmother:

The story describes the entire phase of relationship which the author shared with his grandmother. In the early days of the author’s life, his grandmother shared a strong bond with him. However, that tie of friendship loosened a little when they both shifted to the author’s city house. She became resentful of the things being taught in the English school. Finally, the day came when the author was to go to the university. This phase of the author’s life was very painful for the grandmother and led to a complete separation of their relationship. The author got a room of his own and his grandmother led a life of seclusion. However, in spite of changes in the courses of lines, their feelings for each other remained unchanged. Even when he was leaving to go abroad, she didn’t display any emotion but prayed continuously. Same was her reaction when the author came back after five years.

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